Retro Magical Girl Life Notion Dashboard Template

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☪ Retro Magical Girl All in One Life Dashboard

This life planner has a retro and magical girl theme, complete with plenty of pink aesthetic images, so you don't need to decorate your Notion pages. Most pages have icons and cover images applied. It's not just a pretty dashboard, but a practical and enjoyable template for recording your tasks, goals, to-dos, and fitness.

💡This template is scheduled for an update.
Once the update is complete, there will be a price increase.

✦ This Notion template helps you systematically plan your daily life.
✦ You can use the Habit+Mood Tracker to record and manage your daily life.
✦ You can also plan your tasks systematically by dividing them into three stages and prioritizing them.
✦ The Monthly Planner will help you write down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly.
✦ You can even upload your daily photos. Additionally, you can make your routine plan and record it in the Analog Routine Tracker.

I recommend it to these people :

✦ Pink and Analog Vibes Lovers 💗
✦ Those tired of decorating Notion pages
✦ Those who want to organize their tasks and agendas in detail.

Included :

  • Main Page
    - To-do-list
    - Music Playlist
    - Daily Routine Tracker
    - Today’s Message
    - Reminder
  • Task
  • Weekly Planner
  • Goals
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Monthly Diary
  • Habit Tracker
    - 4 mood cover images
  • Wish List
  • Study Planner
  • Game List (Hobby Mini Board)
  • Inspire Gallery (Hobby Mini Board)
  • Meal Diary (Hobby Mini Board)
  • Collecting List (Hobby Mini Board)
  • Icons
    - Set of 16 icons with the theme of Magical Girl
  • All the images used in the template
  • Personal Use Only: Anything that you can use personally 😄

You can see more details here.
📄Retro Magical Girl Template Guide

Notice :

❗This Notion template is not optimized for mobile. Optimized for PC and laptop.
❗ The location and size of the image may vary depending on the device type and resolution.
❗ This template is similar to the image above when used on a PC and laptop.
❗ It may look different on the iPad and Galaxy tab due to the difference in resolution.

✔️ Personal Use Only: Anything that you can use personally 😄
🚫 All images can not be resized and resold.
🚫 The copyright of all images used in the template belongs to Loraticon.
🚫 Please do not re-sell, share and redistribute these images as your own works.
🚫 Unauthorized use of images may result in legal consequences.

Please contact me if the image is missing or the file format is incorrect.

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Notion Dashboard Template

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Retro Magical Girl Life Notion Dashboard Template

4 ratings
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